Ride The Wave of Humble Digs

Doctor Goldstein,
Times Staff

Imagine riding a wave. Now imagine melting into that wave as it crashes over you, pulling you down into the purgatory of the ocean. There are whales there, dancing. There are fish. Sharks. Crabs passing by in a current, flailing their claws in a vain attempt to cling on to that swirling rip, forged by the hands of Humble Digs.

The creatures revel in response to the intensity of the rip, building on itself until it becomes a tsunami. Traveling in the core of the vortex, the dancing creatures swirl around you as you rise, breaking the crest of the ocean.

You take a breath, and your body surrenders to another wave rolling over the frothing surface. It lifts you up one final time before crashing you peacefully back onto the floor of the VFW. You lie there in the euphoric wake as the final cadence washes over you.

Take the ride tonight, 11/10 at the VFW - Amherst.

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