A peculiar occurrence

It's a wonderful time of year!

Once upon a time, passionate learners of our community gathered together at Berkshire Dining Commons, taking a break from their studies to enjoy a fine meal during the holidays. I was there to experience it all.

After filling one cup with soda, another with milk, and another with cranberry juice, I made my way through the forest of tables. Eventually, I found my personal table. I put down my coat and my hat. I put down my cups. Then I set out to gather pasta and cake and cheeseburgers.

Finally, I went to fetch some fruit. A beautiful Christmas song was playing. So, during my walk to the Northwest corner of Berkshire Dining, I hummed along to the familiar tune. I was having a truly pleasant time.

When I grabbed a small bowl and a spoon from the cart, one of my fellow students was coincidentally doing the same. And, in the same way I was humming the Christmas tune, this good soul was singing. So, together, while I scooped fruit, and while he toasted toast, we did the dance of choir singers, before parting ways.