Story of Tomph and Yofim finally unveiled.

Tomph and Yofim were two boys who, in their youth, wandered upon a magical place called Greenlock Farm. They did so independently but on the same day. Neither boy had any place else to stay. So they were fortunate when Mr. Leo Greenlock provided them with food and shelter.

Since then, Tomph and Yofim have been peas in a pod --- living in the same hay barn loft, singing the same celebration songs, and doing the same work.

Unfortunately, their ever-blossoming friendship was interrupted by strange, exotic forces acting on the farm. Nature, taking its course, forced these the boys to go separate ways.

Tomph and Yofim's story is too long to be published in newspaper form, so Dernberger has chronicled it in story book form. If you wish to know what happened to Tomph and Yofim, Search for "Greenlock Farm" in the books section of amazon.com. For a discounted copy, contact the author directly at spengleton (at) surrealtimes.net.

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