Dr. John and Charles Neville to bring New Orleans to Northampton

Doctor Goldstein,
Times Staff

The ‘Creole Moon’ will be shining down on the Academy of Music this Saturday night. Dr. John and Charles Neville will flood the streets of Northampton with the intrinsic sound of New Orleans, turning the city into a bayou of its own.

New Orleans music refuses to be caged by a genre. Like New Orleans itself, it is a jambalaya of different cultures, people, and sounds. It “capture[s] a rythm of feet on the street, melding simulations of up tempo horns layered in a strongly percussive flavor.” It is all this, steeped in a tradition of Vodou.

The show is in benefit of the non-profit ‘Blue to Green,’ an organization that harnesses the power of music to build a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world. In a world where neither science nor our government can provide a solution to the impending doom of climate change, maybe Vodou will be the answer to it all.

Doors open at 8.

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