Three Generalizations

        Three Generalizations
Created by Chuulepher "Future Man" Erp-mangus IV

All these lines converge into a tranquil sphere.
      more Parts, more Parts
Your lineage isn't important.
mark this pasture as you would anything else, i'm not sure??
it happened to converge into a dense structure of space.
Meandering into the crunchy liquid, I uncover lost civilizations that have had a profound affect on non existent institutions.
                                           Ask Yourself.

Pyrite, adiddas, fur-lined, mellow, angular tumbles bursting through the greenery.
           When is lunch you ask? Fuck off, we just escaped the grasp of the Stromboli Titans.
Continue on as if your skin weren't in a different place as the rest of your body.

        That is what I expect you to know by next thursday.

The flowers had a peculiar sound.
The horns, they had a satisfying smell
The freshly baked biscuts had a terrifying feel.
Your ideas taste incredible
The unknown is all I can see.

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