A Visit From The Bird

After months of quiet, uneventful, weekday after weekend, there have been sightings of birds with unpleasant shapes in the skies of Northampton. Brendan Bartholomew, a resident of the area, said, “Yes. Yes. There have been fowl creatures flying in the skies for some time now. That is no secret.” He frequently enjoys smoking out of a odd looking pipe made of bronze and watching the night skies unravel. He also claimed the clouds to be a second home for his mind to wander about. “I mind much them birds. After all, when did anything with wings ever hurt us down here?” he said.

But other residents seemed more concerned. And more informed. Richard Bartholomew, brother to the individual with the queer pipe, insisted that the birds were a danger to the community, he said, “Not two nights ago I saw a black bird flapping its life away right there outside my window. It seemed scared, like it saw a ghost or some lurking monster.” He seemed terrified of the black fowl that had haunted him the night of March 20th. Perhaps relevant to the story, no longer does he leave the house which he shares with his brother— the reason for this he did not disclose. Richard also insisted that someone “better do something about the situation.” Naturally, after several anonymous calls, the police responded.

The police report is very clear. They asked about the common folk only to be left flat— an inconclusive investigation. But a certain reporter found herself interested by the story and went to the source; she went to the rooftop of the Sunday chapel and asked the darkest of the birds, the one that tended to be silent day and night, what he made of the situation. It said that they would be leaving soon and there was nothing to worry about. She asked: “Why?”. It said that somethings are better left a mystery.

Although black feathers still fall on the streets, no one seems to care much. Except the birds; they seem impatient. Richard Bartholomew, who sometimes smokes out of his brothers illustrious pipe when he’s not looking, has been quiet about the situation. He grows rather oblique with illness lately. His brother has reported him weaker and weaker each day. So If anyone would like to pay him a visit, I’m sure he wouldn't mind.

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