Disc Jam Descending on Stephenstown NY

Disc Jam Music Festival to Provide Refuge from the Banality of Existence

STEPHENSTOWN, New York — The strange breeze ripples through the community of Stephenstown - drawing the lull of life to a knowing hush. The townsfolk look around at each other, as if to confirm their collective thoughts.

“It’s coming.”

Like ants at the first drop of rain, their efforts shift entirely from daily labor to gearing for the storm - stabling their horses, boarding their windows, and latching their doors.

Throughout Greater New England, the wind is stirring around the eye of Stephenstown, like a disc slowly descending upon its mark, carrying on its tail the faint twang of a guitar being tuned.

Stephenstown, New York, that little dwelling of only 3,000 people, awaits the first strum of that guitar to crack open the sky and release the storm, rejuvenating the world through revelry.

A state of emergency has been declared across the nation, advising all citizens to evacuate their homes and find refuge in the eye of the storm. Set course for Stephenstown and revel in the madness on June 8th.

The Disc Jam Music Festival will host all refugees. For more information, visit disjammusicfestival.com.

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