Surreal Newsroom on 9/14/2017

You're invited.

A conducive environment arranged by Cro Raka will in great likelihood incite nearpure psychic atomatism in all attendees, enabling powerful interplay between their subconscious and conscious selves, and harnessing their energy in order to document the history currently unfolding.

It will be the 2nd bihexical meeting of staff, correspondents, and contributors for The Surreal Times. And a great deal of brainstorming, editing, discussing, and collaborative writing will occur. Much will be in preparation for the 1st print edition of this academic year, scheduled for distribution next week.

Bring your typeright-ers -- or preferably: your scribblers, your crayons, magazines and your scissors and glue. Bring your friends and your memories and your hairdo. Let us gather together and swirl skyblue.

LOCATION: Herter Hall (room 640), University of Massachusetts Amherst
TIME: 8:00pm, Thursday 9/14/2017

P.S. If you have writing that you wish to have discussed/edited/published, please bring paper copies if you can.

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