Genius Offers Secrets

Self and societally-proclaimed genius, Edwin Lochrishterhowel, recently discovered the easiest way to do easy things. He shouts three times an hour that "this is the easiest discovery I ever made, but I had a hard time making it."

Edwin thinks that people from around the world who are inclined to have a difficult time with things, should write "thank you, Edwin" a million times on a blackboard, hand-draw a copy of the room in which he did this, and carry the copy directly to Edwin, in order to gain access to his secrets. This would be evidence of their willingness to work hard for ease.

Edwin believes that only the stupid work easy, and that the smart work hard—in order to aquire easy methods. You can read more about Edwin's methods on the large stone outside his house (at an undisclosed address). This makes it hard. Be warned: do not arrive without the aforementioned requirement (a million "thank you, Edwin”s…), as well as 100 pounds of stone on your back and evidence that you traveled from a long way. Or else, you will have to learn the hard way (not the easy kind of hard way, either). If you are coming from a short way, then you ought to go a long way away first, in order to make your short way long.

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