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Anonymous Tape Left At Journalist's Home

Entitled, "Professor Richshaw's First Lesson for Nuclear People"

The Editors,
Times Staff

In the most sunless hours of Sunday night, Surreal Times journalist Roberto Piccolo awoke to a knock at the door of his Amherst home. The night was eery and so he was hesitant to wrap himself in his bathrobe and to peek to see who or what had stumbled up his steps. Ultimately he did unlatch his deadbolt, but only with ... [Continued]...

Jang Ben,
Times Contractor

The gumball reporters, we called them, were bought for nickels at the dime store, a great many of them, and bound in a leather-tied burlap pocket sack. We handed them to Goose Gingertop, a redheaded long neck from The Hamptons. This was a silver spooned boy, lavish in all his ways, but a scrapper in facets subliminal.... [Continued]...