Open Positions

Careers and Jobs at The Surreal Times.

Email if you are interested in any of the following opportunities.

  • Assignment Journalist

    Get assigned events to cover or topics to report on. Do your reporting. Write stories for The Surreal Times.

  • Cartoon Artist

    Draw cartoons for print editions of The Times and/or for the online version of the paper.

  • Copy-editor

    Review articles on the basis of grammar, spelling, and style. Convey your criticisms to the writers of the articles you read.

  • Human Resources Coordinator

    Help us find good, dependable people to join forces behind our mission. Do recruiting. Conduct interviews. Make introductions. Be a people person.

  • Journalist/Correspondent

    Navigate the world as you so desire. Witness, interpret, and investigate surreal matters of our times. Report on whatever you consider worth reporting on. Do your part in keeping the people of our community informed.

  • Marketing Director

    Contribute to branding efforts with logo designs an et cetera. Advertise. Make and distribute flyers. Spread the word. Do whatever necessary.

  • Print Logistics Manager

    Handle formatting and printing of print editions of The Surreal Times.

  • Software Engineer / Webmaster

    Collaborate with Dernberger Spengleton to run the website and to do miscellaneous software automation tasks.