The Monks Speak: The Mysterious Man

On July 24th, this newspaper published my report on two Spanish monks who time traveled from the year 1,332 to the food court in Hampshire Mall. While communication was difficult, further conversations with our temporally-displaced friends have turned up an intriguing detail. One of the monks claims that the battery which powered their time machine was given to them by a man of dress they could not recognize.

Monk A: We were thinking of how to get out of there. The duke had discovered our fraud. We had to flee. And that was when he showed up.

Monk B: He spoke with a strange accent. Similar to you. He wore black and white clothing. He knew what we were trying to do. He said he would help us.

Monk A: We had figured most of it out. We were just missing a final piece to force forward our machine through time.

Monk B: We were saved by his appearance. He called it a “battery.” And now we are here.

It seems that the good monks were not the only time travelers in the year 1,332. The Times will document this history as it unfolds.

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