Wives Aspire to do Psychology Research

Many of the married men of Johnstonstiville have started acting awry. Troubled wives have begun taking meticulous notes of their husbands’ behaviors, and have just begun sharing with each other these oddities.

At first, they would convene only once a week (on Saturdays) to discuss their husbands' behaviors. However, the frequency of their meetings has increased steadily.

At this point in time, they spend 8 to 10 hours a day discussing their husbands together at the park, and 5-6 hours observing their husbands at home. In the future, they hope to confine all of their husbands to a single containment cell with one-way mirrors, so that when they observe their husbands, they may discuss them at the same time.

One of these women concluded, “It would be more fulfilling than having children simultaneously with your 8 best friends in the same room, if only we could psychoanalyze our husbands together".

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