Deluxe Papa Vape Pods Hit Stores

Mutual Hallucination Ensues

The enigmatic company Deluxe Papa, known primarily for selling server hardware during the dotcom boom, has found success in a new market: vape pods. Deluxe Papa sells pods for many of the most popular vapes, but their pods don’t contain any nicotine. Their new product is marketed under the name Deluxe Papa Mutual Hallucination Vape Pods.

Deluxe Papa has described their product as “The Gateway To Mass, Mutual Hallucination.”

Smokers of Deluxe Papa pods report a feeling of dizziness, followed by a minute long, all-encompassing hallucinatory experience. What exactly they report differs. Some see an empty white expanse, others see a classroom from their youth. Others yet see their actual, real-life present surroundings, except mirrored left to right. But the hallucinators are not by themselves. Other figures move around these dream worlds...

Who are these figures? Deluxe Papa claims that they are other vapers. Attempts to interact with them are difficult for several reasons. One, the hallucinations are brief, only a minute long, and repeated hits yield different locations. Two, communication in the hallucination is difficult. Users report a muffled soundscape, where even loud actions produce quiet results. Three, the dizziness experienced during the hallucination makes even assessing your surroundings difficult, nevermind walking over to someone and communicating cogently.

Deluxe Papa vape pods are on sale nationwide. Deluxe Papa urges its customers to use them responsibly.

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