Have You Ever Experienced Something … So Bad

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever experienced something so bad that you can’t believe it was ever considered to exist? Do you ever feel that way every single day of your life? Have you ever considered the possibility that there is possibly more going on behind the scenes, than that of which your primordial self-defined biological senses could ever possibly comprehend? Suppose that between the wavelengths of perception, there are entire worlds that you could never possibly comprehend to exist? Sure it seems simple, alter your mind on a chemical. What if inside of even just this altering, that the rules of the nature of reality should change? Now imagine in the mind of every human is a different and chaotic storm occurring in the brain. Down a lineage stretching generations, the collective mind of hundreds of humans manifests itself in you, the person reading this, and because of who you are, resonates differently. At which point, and of how general, does the collective experience need to be, to be considered normal?

And how often do you feel that this long stretching line of generations actively wills itself against you, and you personally? The world is raining down on you constantly. Your parents hate you. Your wife or husband don’t love you. Your children wish you were dead. Your nephew stabbed someone and is failing the fifth grade. Someone is always taking your parking spot. The person at the coffee shop cut you in line. They didn’t get your order right. They cut you off as you merged back onto the highway. Your cat clawed through the plastic window covering of your air conditioner and escaped. When does the chaotic storm end?

There can only be one explanation as far as I am concerned. We are living in the thought, and the thought only, of a hyper-dimensional mega creature whose brain stretches over an unimaginable amount of space. This being is attempting to calculate, ruin, and extinguish any and all beings who won’t and ultimately won’t contribute to the final enlightenment, through a series of inconveniences, both major and minor, which would effectively wean itself backwards through the hyper-loop of thought. You are not just having a bad day. The being is putting careful thought into every single aspect of your life. There are no coincidences.

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