After the shocking events at the San Andreas fault, recent buyers of handheld surreality counters may regret their purchase. After two days of research, most main surreality researchers are now reporting being unable to detect even a trace of surreality anywhere. It would seem the extrasplosion at the fault sent an anti-surreality shockwave across the world. Simultaneously, the Surreal Times has verified reports of a strange occurrence at the San Andreas Fault, home to the largest and most inspired of the recent Fault parties. Witnesses say - and cameras confirm - a blurry, black, stairway-like shape rising up from the fault itself, into the sky. The “stairway” hung in the air for about thirty seconds. Witnesses report it vanished at the same time they heard the extrasplosion. The stairway then vanished. Subsequent examination revealed burnt atmosphere and discordant particle behavior at repeating 90 degree angles - supporting the testimony. We will document more of this history as it unfolds.

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