Advice: Keep Two Notes for a Growth-Focussed Life

Youbus Leeftim,
Life Coach

Mostly everyone nowadays owns at least two personal notes written about principles or values that they have found to be important to them. They keep one in each back pocket of their jeans. Then, whenever they’re kicked in the rear, they choose the nearest cheek to the location of impact, and reach into that pocket. They interpret the kick as an omen for reiteration. They read the note.

When at some point in their lives they are stabbed in the back, they already have an association between pain and reiteration of their notes, however, without a note specific to the event of being stabbed in the back.

Inevitably, this leads them to reiterate all their life's memories and lessons learned, in hopes of avoiding being stabbed in the back again.

And that is why it is good to keep two notes, each beholding a valuable life lesson, within the two back pockets of your jeans.

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