Dependence Day A National Holliday

The United States has declared Dependence Day a national holiday, occurring yearly on July 3rd. Its purpose is to celebrate the benefits of dependence, as well as to show contrast with independence.

President Biden summarized it well, “Having both Dependence Day and Independence Day helps us appreciate both sides of the spectrum more in contrast with each other.”

On dependence day, a man dresses up in a very regal and very red outfit and a powdered wig. We call him “King”. We eat from his palms and obey him when he tells us what to do. We pay him a quarter whenever we drink or eat.

This reminds and teaches children of the benefits of not needing to make decisions for oneself.

On the following day, Independence Day, we toss the king into a pit with wild hogs. We throw his tea in the ocean. We run around naked yelling obscenities and “freedom” in all directions while eating rotten tomatoes which make our bellies sick.

This shows us the benefits of freedom but also the downsides of self-reliance.

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