On the 5th day of October, the year 2016 , a puppy dog climbed into a tree hole. The tree’s leaves were brown, and its trunk was green. The dog was blue. The sky was pure. The grass was yellow. The mountains were mountainous.

The puppy dog climbed inside this tree hole and inside she found a birds’ nest. With the baby bird inhabitants of this bird’s nest, the puppy dog had a cup of tea.

The baby birds were wise, and so, to their tea, they added a teaspoon of a fallen star which had fallen into their nest just two days prior.

A short while later, The Momma Bird returned home from her hunt. She looked at the birds. And she looked at the puppy dog. And she thought, “what a wonderful world.”

The puppy dog, prompted by a baby bird, made an offering of tea to The Momma Bird. The Momma Bird sipped the tea. Then she fed her babies worms from her hunt. Then, prompted by one of her babies, she fed the puppy dog a worm.

Since then, the puppy dog has lived happily ever after as a member of the bird family.

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