Experiments that you Should Probably Know About

The year was 2033 (bihex 134) and the castle was nearing its fourth year of completion. The castle and its subjects have been living in harmony: cutting firewood, singing songs and building their very own kingdom.

For about 2.5 bihexes, Dernberger Spingleton, accompanied by his longtime associate and friend Armädeius Galouei, has been working on a process too complicated to explain (P2CE). Inspired by Salmon Rushdie, the two sought out to develop a process so complicated that it would be useless to even attempt to explain.

Putting it very simply, this process takes things that are very orderly, compresses them and then explodes them into an unidentifiable, entropy-filled heterogeneous concoction.

For your visual pleasure, I have provided a photograph of this event.

This photo is titled: "I put a little too much cream cheese in but if I perfect the proportions then it has some potential."

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