Fins And Legs Plan An Offspring

Dear Nemo,
I’m having a hard time finding the headquarters. One sea is red; one sea is blue. One home has an address of 1; the other, the address of 2.

That’s it!! The Red Sea! Where is the Red Sea? I failed Geo.

Dear Spider,
I understand. I also failed geo. In fact, I too do not know where the HQ is because I don’t know where the Red Sea is. If this letter ever reaches you, I will be surprised, because all I did was fold my letter into a boat and place it in a body of water (possibly, hopefully, the Red Sea).

Dear Nemo,
Let us put our separate deficiencies into a common pot, cook them up, and see if the baby we make might have stronger geographic inclinations than either of our helpless selves. I’m confident this will be the case because two negatives make a positive.

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