Ice jam aborted

Sometimes an individual such as Pat Snyder will be going on with his life per usual when a stranger named Aldous Braveheart will appear from behind an isle in the grocery store during the tail end of Pat's shopping endeavors. Pat won't realize at the time what Aldous conveys through a simple gesture or series of words, but the information will be conveyed nonetheless.

Pat will go about his day thinking little of his interactions with Aldous. But when, during his warm and sunny drive home, he notices residual ice fragments from the winter accumulating under a low bridge -- he will remember Aldous' words: "It was very cold before. Now it is suddenly warm. The ice breaks before it melts. It flows. It jams. You must be careful of ice jams."

Pat will park his vehicle on the spot, venture down the riverbank, wade into the cold water, and loosen the bottleneck of accumulating ice before its accumulations suffice. Because of his doing this, a disaster will be avoided next time.

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