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Letter of the editor

Subjects of God,

In these dark, weary times, it is so easy for a citizen of the world to relax his eyelids and let his vision narrow. It is so excruciatingly simple, the way hardship causes the individual to forget that he is not so individual after all, and that there are a million fellows with hands to lend, and that there are a million fellows in need of lending.

In the shadows of this dome here, I have felt the weight myself. On my shoulders! Indeed, I have allowed my vision to go narrow. And I admit, while sulking the hallways of our imprisoned chapel, I have passed by many entrapped souls without lending my hand.

They lay there hungry and Godless. I am a telephone operating over heaven's cable lines. With little effort or cost, I could make a world of difference in these peoples' lives.

Yet I admit, I pass them by.

I do not write this so you will pity me. I write because sometimes, in this world, the citizens with the most to give are sometimes the least willing to give it. Sometimes the poor are most willing to lend a dime.

And I write because there is a wonderfully good fellow here in our imprisoned chapel. He is one who you would least expect. He is a commoner so common, if he were to cross he legs by your side, it is likely he wouldn't catch your gaze.

He is a small tree frog. He Has nothing but ugliness and smell. But he gathers green from high-ranking leaves and exquisite moss, and wherever he can, and he distributes it to those in need.

I saw him leaned against the wall one night. This was after he had distributed all his bread to the prisonors in the dome. The frog's ribs protruded from his skin so horribly. So I said to him, "Mr. Frog, I am aware you had a modest supply of bread just this morning. Yet you appear starving. Why on earth have you starved yourself?"

Do you know what he said to me? He did not say a word. Because he was dead asleep, exhausted from his day's work and resting for the coming day of work.

Citizens of the world, this fellow is an inspiration. He ought to inspire you. He ought to inspire everyone in this God-forsaken place.

Now pray, Everyone.
Pray and Do.

I wish you the best.
Your fellow subject,
Reverend Garland Hobbes.
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