Local Business Tries Out Causal Fridays

Local tech startup Flexxabis has recently incorporated “Causal Fridays” into their weekly routine at their Northampton, MA office.

According to company co-founder and former Philosophy major Brendan Walsh, the move was done in an effort to give employees a greater sense of freedom and creativity in the workplace, as it offers an escape from the chain of epiphenomenal determinism that dictates their every thought and action throughout a typical workday.

“It can be kind of a drag knowing that all of our mental events are just involuntary by-products of our neural impulses, with no causal efficacy whatsoever,” he says. “So on Fridays, we’ve just decided to do things a bit differently.” Walsh also notes that the weekly change of pace has been popular amongst employees at all levels.

“I love it,” says Justin Smalley, a two-year software engineer at Flexxabis. “It’s freeing to know that your sense of consciousness is playing a causal role in the world for once.”

Data analyst Ryan Khan notes, “On most days, I eat, and I’m hungry. But on days like today, I eat because I’m hungry. There’s a difference.” When asked what is in store for lunch today, Khan grins. “Chicken fajitas. Same as always.” Free will, but not free of habit.

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