Mullen: "You'll Get What You Want"

This is my translation of the bothersome flickering stars above my childhood home, so very annoying they must have a reason for their blinks.
- until Then eats Now - Professor H.E. “Eyebrows” Perrywinkler

It is all so very much, my eyes are stretching wide, as wide as the horizon can bow. Water begins to pour out of them, yet I’m a stranger to sadness, in fact I'm a stranger to most everything. But no more talk of that, with all ahead and no tale to tie me down. Without wink or wait or hesitation I take my first steps like air walks on clouds.

Filling in the blank horizon, I spot something slithering across that plain that stretches much further, and I have the patience stretch this line of imagery. I have far too much to do and far too many fresh faces to face. It's a serpent merrily whistling and chewing on it tail, like a scarecrow chews on a stock of the wheat that a cheeky raven will someday steal away.

And there it went slithering away. Without anything done or to do I ran after it. It began to wind up a tree (which i hadn't noticed there before) like a clock, and every inch it ascended, a droplet of time fell behind it. It was so peculiar it peaked my curiosity. I climb up it back as it ascends.

When I reach its skull, I spot a doorway into the tree. I crawl and I'm greeted by a flight of stairs straight out of and Escherian wet dream (I don't know what any of those words mean but they sure do sound nice).

I follow the stairs as they lead me upwards. I then hear something of a sound. I've never heard it before. Unlike the rest of the sounds that I haven't heard before, this one sounds familiar, a song:

♫Mullen wants a meaning♫

Atop the stairs stands a slanted slotted doorway. Peeking out from behind it is something fishy tied up by his tail to the wall. His fins are slumped and shoulders shrugged. In the back closet I spot him, him being who I assume the song to be about

♫Mullen is a mask with holes in more places than needed for eyes. Mullen wants a meaning.♫

Mullen’s head hangs below a window sill where it finds his only “friends” in a quintet of tin Tinker Toys. Their whirring murmurs seem to brighten him... He happily mimes his head to their movements in perfect orbital unison... The dance of the tin band obscures the nightlight and their song sings these words:

♫Mullen’s toys with silent sighs wrestle in ellipses. They dance around and mock his wishful lies.♫

Their songs make more sense with every step I take. Where blurred sounds once stood I hear only friendly words waving “bye” as they fly.

♫Playground taunts bounce off yet haunt and hide. Mother says meaning is a hollow word yet it echoes in Mullen's head as meaning would echo within itself. His path draws a continuous constellation. Mullen craves a meaning.♫

Mullen spots me from behind the door through the slots. My unfamiliar shape lures his attention. It is caught in the allure of lore. My presence tells him there is more. His stare makes me more shivers than me. I turn away to find myself pulled back by my tails which have been caught under Mullen’s paw. Jarred by the pull, I fall on my back.

Just then a tiny jar with a tiny silver floating tinker toy inside rolls out from the wall and cracks upon the floor. Green liquid spills out and then the liquid climbs up the shiny silver body it shared its home with. The puddle slips inside the toy’s head and the pair of puddle and toy walk out the door where I had entered. I think about following, but I have begun to like the surrounding sounds’ song. Where I lay I eventually drift off to sleep. And am greeted by dreams filling in the hole where mullens meaning isn't.?.

Until Then eats Now,
Your friend,
~ Hubert E. “Eyebrows” Perrywinkler.?.

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