Police Kidnapping Maybe Solved

Police yesterday may have solved a recent kidnapping. On the 10th, 23 year old Samantha Bartelby went missing. Police now say they may have located Barelby. “We may have tracked her down, and we may have arrested the kidnapper,” said Police Chief Gonzales, “and we may have returned her to her home.” Answering questions at a press conference earlier today, the Chief also stated that the police “may have located her in the back of a silver Nissan” and that this may have happened “at approximately 11 PM last night.” The woman may well be being treated at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, as she may have sustained injuries during her ordeal. However, a psychologist assigned to her, after being cleared to talk to the media by Ms. Bartelby, said that she may not have any lasting psychological damage. I am sure I speak for the rest of Amherst when I say that we are relieved that this case may have been solved. “It’s always a good thing when we may have solved a case, and the victim may have been rescued without significant harm. I know myself and the rest of Amherst will sleep well tonight,” concluded Chief Gonzales.

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