Psa: Beware Of Surreal Times Imposters!

In May, an anonymous user hacked into the Surreal Times’ Instagram account and announced othat the Times were rebranding themselves as the breakfast-themed publication The Cereal Times. In a post, they claimed that “cereal was hip with the kids” and that the Times “desperately needs to stay trendy.” This was, of course, untrue. The Surreal Times had no intention of changing their brand, and it became clear that this was nothing more than some guerilla marketing stunt. Aside from the similar-sounding name, The Cereal Times also shared an uncanny resemblance to the Surreal Times. The font choice and layout were almost identical; the only difference was that this newspaper focussed more on breakfast-related news items than surreal ones.

The Surreal Times’ sudden and unexpected popularity gave rise to a growing trend of copycats, all trying to capitalize on the Times’ success. Following the incident with The Cereal Times, another publication called The Celery Times started hitting the market. Like before, this newspaper had the exact same format, but with articles relating to healthy green vegetables.

More copycats started popping up, including The Subliminal Times (a newspaper that tricks readers into worshipping Satan), The Souffle Times (a food publication for snobby French people), and The Sue Eel Times (a law publication to help readers press charges against marine animals). The Surreal Times’ attorneys at Steinhouse, Steinhouse & Steinhouse have been working around the clock trying to press charges against these imposters. Until then, faithful readers, be wary of where you get your news. Publications like these have absolutely no affiliation with the Surreal Times, and are simply trying to get a piece of that sweet apple pie.

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