Response to "Sinners in The Hands of The Fake Sun"

As the nonsense gets ever published!

In response to Sinners in The Hands of A Fake Sun

The sun is real. No civic-minded citizen doubts this. How can people like Reverend Hamine claim that narrow rays are missing when they have never measured a narrow ray? Either way, I think Amherst is better without them! A little suffering is good for the soul and promotes societal responsibility.

And the latest load of phooey: that our sun will somehow go out permanently, leaving us in an “inky abyss.” Hogwash! Their evidence for this: random fluctuations in ultraviolet rays. I hope that no one falls for these subversive lies. Ultraviolet rays fluctuate! It’s what they do.

I would advise Reverend Hamine to his own advice and be smart.

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