That Looks Like This

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Today Nerb the Great brings to you yet another wonderful connection between things. He sees, while walking upon the seashore, how birds fly and how fish swim, and how water waves and how death is grim.

He thinks: Some things are; some things are not. But the things that are, always, are in a particular way. Everything smells, and if it doesn’t, then it is nothing.

What a fascinating observation by Nerb. I commended him for this reason. I told him I enjoyed his thoughts. He explained to me how his thoughts themselves were of a particular kind. He said he kept his mind axiomatic but for some necessarily cyclic but clearly labeled black-box machines.

And he continued, re-iterating that everything smells, and how things that don’t smell aren’t anything. But it turned out this re-iteration was not merely a re-iteration, but a revision with addition. He continued running past his aforemarked finishing point to explain a particularly particular idea.

He said: “Everything is nothing because it doesn’t smell. In the same way, the color white is rather similar to black, though these shades could not be more different by technicality.

I’d like make a toast with Nerb for sharing these connections with us.

Thanks Nerb.

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