The Zebra Convention Unfolds

The Zebra Convention
        Materialized by Armadeius Galouei
Part 1
Pyrite, Adidas, mellow, angular. The tumbles are bursting through the greenery.
        When that process is complete, melt the wax.
                Donít just leave it on the shelf!
Anyways, arches should begin to materialize on top of the contour.
        This leads me to my next assertion:
                Our forest guide cannot smell anything that is pungent.
                This might cause a problem when we search for food.
                This could lead to a very sparse luncheon :(
                At least I can play this extremely annoying kazoo.
                        Yeah you heard me.
        End of assertion.

Assertions arenít really necessary if you think about it.
Nothing is really necessary if you think about it.
        Come on man, now you are just saying words.
                Do you just like hearing yourself talk?
Part 2
                Another item is added to the ever-growing abundance paradigm.
                Thatís a scary thing to achieve in these surreal times.
                How can one justify making these rhymes?
                Donít just leave it on the shelf!
Wax is useless on the shelf.
Apply heat to the wax and it turns into an entropy-laden dynamo.
It used to have a shape, now it doesn't
It used to be useless, now it isn't.
        The arches happen to be almost as important as the wax.
How can you welcome guests to your contour castle if you donít have any arches?
        Why would guests want to be welcomed if you leave your wax unmelted, on the shelf.
        Jimbo, that is quite the assertion
        Take your goddamn wax
        Off the shelf
        Youll need it for your arches
        Right there upon the contour

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