We Can All Take A Hint From This Sandwich Anarchy

The new "The Tasty Hot Mess" sandwich shop is an antidote to the modern condition. We live prepared lives in prepared ways, filling out timesheets, emailing reports, sleeping in precise patterns, every moment measured, every instant according to plan. So screw that plan! Go get a Tasty Hot Mess. Those little runts understand that deep down humans are animals. We don’t like spreadsheets, we don’t like deadlines, and we don’t like the mundane vacuum we spend so much of our lives in. Maybe you get some mustard monstrosity that you spit out after a single chew. Maybe you get four layers of delicious deli meats that light up your taste buds like nothing before. It’s that chance! The chance is why get out of bed everyday, because of the chance of good things happening. And at Tasty Hot Mess, you get a hell of a chance.

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