Ant Joins Surrealist Journalism Team

In our previous issue, you may have read about the ant trapped in the ant farm at Amherst college. We empathized with this little soul, being stuck in such a claustrophobic, tyrannical place, ruled by a heartless child. At first, we tried to do what we could to help it escape.

But now we have new ideas. Instead of wasting this tremendous opportunity by saving the ant, we have opted to offer it something better than freedom: purpose, glory, and the chance to change the world.

We offered the ant a job on our news team, as an undercover reporter within ant society and in the ant farm of a teenage girl.

This ant, known to us at Legs MaGee, has the ability to shine light on a corner of life never before investigated from the inside. Legs immediately accepted our offer, although agreeing on compensation required some creative discussion with all parties involved.

We look forward to sharing Mr. MaGees stories with you in future editions.

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