Pro-Reality Gang Sentenced to Sane Assylum

Carl Mon,
Head of PIA

The Reality Supremacist Cohort (RSC), a violent activist organization known for forcing reality upon unconsenting victims, has been apprehended by the Peripheral Intelligence Agency (PIA) and sentenced to two years in the newly-constructed “Sane Asylum”, where they will learn to be tolerant of those who dwell or frolic in non-objective realms. Finally, we are free to diverge as we so desire without fear of being squashed into three dimensions.

The Reality Supremacist Cohort will receive a special treatment involving hypnotizing them into addiction to live action role play games of all kinds.

This punishment (or recuperation, as some call it) comes in wake of many violent acts by the cohort on imaginative folks of all kinds. The PIA suffered numerous losses of dimensionality in the tragic battle of the Gin Mill. Carl Mon, head of the PIA, said that he is “glad to get this fatal dose of reality off the streets.”

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