Take a Whiff of an Aroma Flick At The Aroma-Theatre Downtown Amherst

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Bummed about the tabun needle tragedy? Bored in your barren, clean-smelling apartment? Well, I’m here to tell you to stop your wallowing right there, because the town of Amherst is home to the country’s first Aroma-theatre, a movie theatre for smells. It’s a fantastic place.

Come, sit — but don’t eat any popcorn, because the senses of taste and smell are interconnected it’ll distract from the showing. Lay back comfortably in a custom-tuned sensory-depriving float tank. Wear an eye mask and earplugs to keep the visual and auditory distractions away. Then, once your mind is at ease, tune in to stories told over the medium of scent.

Let me tell you, smell is the most potent of the senses. It connects deeply with our memory and pheromonal systems. So, when your other senses are calmed, you can really tune in.

The Aroma-theatre projects smells into the air. As you breathe them in, they bring up sequences of fragments of memories in your head, in a particular order, such that you experience a unique story written in terms of fragments of your memories! A story that, in whole, is fictional, but which is made up of real components from your memories. The story is different every time, but always relatable, because all of its parts come from within your head! The PJs (particle jockeys) build stories out of the legos within you!

To attend the Aroma-theatre, visit Amherst Cinema and ask for the best-smelling theatre. As you’re doing so, snort your nose firmly but not obnoxiously. When the coast is clear, you will be led to the place.

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