Visions of Emerald Sea Sweep Amherst

The Surreal Times has been receiving reports from concerned citizens about a strange new phenomena: night time visions of a vast, endless green sea. The vision appears only once per person. No one has seen it twice. It comes precisely at 8:15 and lasts thirty seconds.

The sea continues past the horizon. The vision is from the perspective of above, looking downwards. The waves, the colors of emerald, crest slowly and wash out into the distance. Nothing lives in the sea. Viewers report a sense of finality, that the sea has always been there and will continue to be there as long as there is time.

Multiple members of the Surreal Times staff have experienced the vision personally. Initial testing with portable surreality counters of both those who experience the vision and their surroundings reveal, surprisingly, a lack of surreality. However, because there is no way to test for the presence of the newly discovered hyper-mundane energy, the reason for this lack of background surreality remains unknown.

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