A Letter of Recruitment to a Novelty Prodigy

Like a painter with an unexplainable intuition for what will captivate, you have a natural affinity for a much more general, often-intangible yet magnificent aesthetic. You call it The Universal Aesthetic.

You have not found it yet, but I know that you will someday.

I want to help you. And, by helping you, I will be helping myself, my companions, and everyone, because we are all looking for the same thing. We are combatting the decay of the universe. We are adding novel structure to the world around us. Novelty is life — and we, pursuers of novelty, are looking to broaden life as we know it. From plants to stars, to abstract novel geometries, and eventually into the extra-dimensional and unexplainable novel expenses that exist outside our current entropic realm.

What you are looking for is what we, The Noveltiests, are looking for.

Help us. Let us help you. With our resources and practicality, combined with your natural eye, we can create novel material such that the heavens, so they may be called, will lift us up into their fractillian clouds.

Join us. Wherever you are, send us a letter and plant the seed for our extra-dimensional symbiosis.

My mailing address is:

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