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October 3, 2019 A Letter of Recruitment to a Novelty Prodigy Theodore Munnely
October 15, 2018 The Surreal Three Split Moe “Tiny” Schlemiel
October 15, 2018 I Did Not Give The Surreal Five The Thirteen-Second Frequency Juan Ramirez
October 12, 2018 The Surreal Five Are Now The Surreal Three & Will Make Permanent Their Sickness Roberto Piccolo
October 11, 2018 A Facebook Status From Pavlo Polertski The Editors
October 2, 2018 A Letter To My Brother Saul Smalls
October 2, 2018 Richard Smalls' Statement The Editors
September 30, 2018 "The Thirteen-second Frequency Will Free Us" The Editors
September 29, 2018 Who Exposed the Surreal Five to H-33? Joe Kierlskegrienger
September 27, 2018 Police Chief Gonzales: Info Wanted on Traveler The Editors
September 27, 2018 Professor Ramirez Reemerges Peter “Mini-P” Petrinski
September 25, 2018 An Overview of Surreality, Surreality Exposure, and Hyper-Mundanity The Editors
September 24, 2018 A Joint Statement From The Surreal Five The Editors
September 17, 2018 Five UMass Students Exposed to Mind-Altering Chemical H-33 Moe “Tiny” Schlemiel