A Letter To My Brother

By Saul Smalls, with the help of an editor surviving the same illness.

Saul Smalls,

My name is Saul Smalls. You may know me from my three articles published in this paper: “The Schizo Report,” and the two letters to the Fake Sun. I am not proud of my conduct when I am at my lowest, but I am proud of where I am now. I may not have long before the antipsychotics fail again and I am reduced to that state, but using what rationality I have left, I urge my brother, Richard Smalls, to stop this foolishness.

Take it from a schizoid: Surreality is not a game. My pineal gland may not be engorged, but my ventricles are. Voices, paranoia, hallucinations - you risk inviting these things in permanently. Reality is where we are and where we should stay. If you must dabble, visit only. Do not take up residence. Don’t burn the one bridge back to reality. Refuse the Three-Second Frequency if you must - but don’t make a decision for the rest of your life. I love you, brother, and it is hard to watch you travel willingly down the path that was forced on me. You know how to contact me. Please do.

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