Baron of Bullets Releases Cryptic Statement

The Editors,
Times Staff

Marcus Van Door, the Baron of Bullets, has released a bizarre statement to the press. While we are unsure of its meaning, surely it has a purpose and could help piece together recent events involving the Baron and the death of his associate and friend Richard Boudin. Text:

"We all know who I’m talking about. He has eyes everywhere. If you read this, and you know who I’m talking about, now is the time for action. Act as you will. Act as we have planned. If you read this and you don’t know who I am talking about, it would be better if you forgot all about this, told your family that you love them, and get a good night’s sleep. Trust me. It’s better for everyone that way."

If you know who the Baron is referring to, please write in and we will research your answer.

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