Cockfighter's Genetic Medium A Mystery

Oswald Avery,

I found an enclosed cage on my front porch. I hope that I found it not too long after it was left there. The clock read 4:00 am Friday. I was subway bound, intending to get to the research center early and to finish my week’s work by a reasonable hour.

It should be known: In the cage, I found a rooster-like creature. However, it existed as not just any rooster; this, was a rooster with severe deformity and unparalleled ferocity.

It should be known, as well, that I also found a note inside of the cage which read: “PLEASE TEST FOR DNA. OPEN MIND TO RESULTS”.

Against my better judgement, I brought the cage with me to the laboratory. I was the only sole in the building during the early hours of the morning. So, I had free reign. Right away, I performed a fast-action DNA test, hoping to gather results before 7:00am, when my colleagues would arrive. Ideally, I would get on with my regular research at the regular time or earlier.

To my dismay, the litmus was not triggered whatsoever. Behoved, I repeated the test, and obtained again the same lack of result.

I proceeded with a full spectrum DNA test on this rooster-like creature. After spending my entire day decoding the test output, results suggested again that the creature in fact does not possess DNA…

This is absurd fact, but one that I cannot disprove despite having tried all available avenues..

My hypothesis is that this so-called rooster had a deep mutation at birth, which altered the very medium over which its genetic material is encoded. I have never seen anything like it. Now I yearn to discover what this alternate to DNA is, and, if possible, its source. Sadly, I have made little progress thus far, because of my obligatory daily research which consumes much of my time, and also because this new direction is not an intuitive one.

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