Facebook Subsidizing relocation to their simulated world

Tommy Potentuary,

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are paying humans to relocate their physical forms into the Facebook metaverse simulation. The promise is that, if you relinquish your human form, Zuck will grant you 10 Bitcoins ($600,000) redeemable only in the virtual world. On top of that, he will also transfer your current Earthly net worth into the simulation, re-creating virtual versions of all of your material possessions. The catch: once you've transferred into Zuckerworld, it is not possible to return back to Earth.

Many see this as an opportunity to start fresh. The Facebook-iverse economy, unlike the United States, is new and still has room for small people to play big roles. Individuals from various walks of life are moving into the simulation, excited about what fruits it might bear for them.

Practically speaking, there is no downside to this offer because according to Zuckerberg, the simulation fidelity will be indistinguishable from the physical world. Mark will copy everything you care about from the physical world to the virtual, and you can leave the unwanted behind. So you'll still have anything you could possibly miss!

Moreover, the Metaverse is not an internally-consistent universe, and so it is not zero-sum in the ways that the physical world is. In other words, the metaverse can give things to you, without taking away from others. Individual simulated realities can be untied from one another as desired, enabling optimal happiness.

In general, the Facebook metaverse is the technology-infused utopia we've all been waiting for. That is, except for in cases where disjointedness of reality could damage human-to-human connection. In some cases, Mark says, artificial scarcity will be introduced in order to foster greater togetherness. Simulated cold, hunger, loneliness - these are all ideas that will be explored in the upcoming metayears.

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