Kindergaten Learning Shines Like The Sun

As seen in Surreal Times Boston ---

Well hi everyone! This is a newsletter to parents, students, and friends of our wonderful Chiptooth Kindergarten community! My name is Mrs. Porter, and I’m one of the teachers here at Chiptooth. My students have been learning some great new things lately, and they would just love to share their new knowledge with the community. I am so proud of their progress. I think you will be too!

One of the things they have learned is how to tattle tale. After a whole golly lot of practice, my students have become great tattle tales. Here are some of their best tattles.

Tattletale Tale #1, by Jonny Humstonne:
“I wanted to taddle dale on my mummy because she did a bad thing and deserves to be taddle taled on. Miss Porter, I told her that my mummy, she broke rule number 1. She laid in the not real sun all day even though I told her it was bad for her. She said the not real sun was very warm and nice and she tried to trick me into liking it, which was her breaking rule number 7.”

Tattletale Tale #2, by Hannah Honderinski:
“My brover Patrick is not nice to me very much and sometimes he is mean to me and hides my glasses. I don’t know what rule he is breaking but he is breaking a rule because he is being mean and doing taking.”

Tattletale Tale #3, by Tom Bumblewomper
“My mind is breaking a rule right now by not staying in one place like Mr. Shihah said it is supposed to but who cares if it melts out of my nose because then i can go home sick to play X-Box.”

Ain’t that heartwarming! These kids learn so fast! Well, thank you everyone for reading. Please do send me an email if you have any comments or advice, because the kids would love to hear what you have to say! We hope you enjoyed, and we hope you know that we all enjoyed sharing with you. Stay tuned for more inspiring and heartwarming examples of our kids learning new things! Happy groundhog summer!

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