Surreal Times Aquired By The Argonaut

The Editors,
Times Staff

I am bittersweet to announce that the core team of The Surreal Times has a new adventure ahead. I always thought that, even though our focus has been on the surreal, we have also learned so much about journalism, writing, and running an organization in general. And now what we learned is starting to pay off. Five of us have been hired to do reporting work for a newspaper in Los Angeles called The Argonaut. It’s a relatively small operation, and they want us to lead a department reporting on the strange subcultures and happenings around the city — things that are real, but that big antique newspapers like the LA Times often don’t bother to write about.

I feel a lot of feelings today. On one hand, I love the surreal times project so much, it is like a baby to me. I’ve met so many amazing people through it, some of my best friends.

On the other hand, I am so excited to contribute to some real news reporting, to play a role in the real world, and to get paid for it. I also believe wholeheartedly in The Argonaut team, and think we can do amazing things together.

I am sad to say that this means we need to finally, after all these wonderful years, let surreal news die. We have signed a contract that says from now now on we will focus our attention on the real news, documenting the real world, and putting our stories exclusively in The Argonaut. This focus will allow us to create something new and wonderful, instead of dwelling on the past (surrealism was invented over 100 years ago!).

Alas, Rest In Peace Surreal Times

Readers, stay tuned for some interesting new stories in The Argonaut! Also, we will be taking down our news distribution boxes next month, so grab your papers while you have this chance. This will be our concluding publication, and we are trying to make it special.

Thank you everyone For the support over all these years, from Amherst to Boston to LA. It has been a magically surreal time.

Much love,
The Surreal Times News Team

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[Jens Niederreiter@Apr.20 6:55pm]: Is the Surreal Times actually ending? I would really hate to see it go...


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