Magazine Joins the Surrealist Frontlines

The Editors,
Times Staff

Publications often focus on events from reality. At The Surreal Times, we take pride in documenting more than reality. We shed light on forgotten voices and events which occur in other, less-frequented places. At all times, we keep eyes on the Hyper-mundane Plane, in addition to the broader Surreal Plane, as well as several isolated eddy currents of the multi-verse.

Our task is too large for any one organization. For this reason, it is our pleasure to announce that The Surreal Times newspaper is no longer the sole source of information on super-real events.

Surreal Times Boston is an emerging Boston-based magazine intended to give people from any plane of existence a platform to share their experiences, tell their stories, and share their artwork. To our knowledge, is the only inter-planal community posting board in existence.

We couldn’t do it ourselves, so we're thankful that Surreal Times Boston is joining the front lines. They are fine chaps and their grassroots perspective will make the world a better place.

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