Very Small Dinosaur Spotted at Faneuil Hall

Eliza Newman,

As seen in Surreal Times Boston --

I would be careful if I were you, because just yesterday I saw a very small dinosaur running around near Faneuil Hall. Befeathered and bold, it harassed the passerby with squawks and occasional nips at the ankle. No more than six inches tall, it appeared to be a miniature T-Rex. Watch out for this rambunctious little scamp. I don’t know if he will grow, but he poses no threat to us as he is.

I followed him into the Newbury Comics. The staff gave him no mind. He had roam of the place, and so he puttered about on his mini sinewy legs, occasionally giving off a little roar. He was kicked out after he started gnawing on a clearance Aquaman comic.

From there he entered Quincy Market. I don’t know what effect the smells had on his prehistoric brain, but he darted between the legs of the crowd, only once stumbling after being struck by a leviathan foot.

Unfortunately, I lost track of him by the Indian place. I hope the little fellow is doing alright. If you see him, give him a friendly rub on the head. He is more roar than bite.

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