Add A Lockaway Room To Your Home

Ever feel stuck in the world and wanting to hide for a while? Or maybe you need a break from distractions to focus on your goals?

Lucky you! Safe Focus Renovations is now offering installation of Focus Rooms in people’s homes. These rooms are fitted with 6-inch steel walls and decommissioned bank-quality safe doors unlockable only from the inside.

So, when you’re feeling anxious or afraid, simply retreat to your safe focus room where you can relax for as long as you need. For an additional fee, your safe room can come with the hydroponic add on so that you don’t need to leave for life’s necessities.

You may also use the Safe Focus Room to become a better you, making use of the programmable lock functionality for instance, if you have a paper to write, and you need to get away from distractions until it is done, you can make the safe room lock you inside for a number of hours. Simply say “safe room, lock for 3 hours.” It will confirm your intention, and then lock you in. Even if you want to leave the room during that time, it will not let you. That way, you’ll be forced to do your work and be the person you want to be. There is also an add-on package to EMP the room and make external electronic signals unreachable.

Other use cases include exercise, therapy sessions, and meditation.

Safe Focus RenovationTM is not responsible for any cases of suffocation or starvation. Enjoy Safe Focus Room at your own risk.

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