Demon that Does Good Coming to Easthampton

Miss Murry Eyeball, The Demon that Does Good, is coming to Easthampton, bringing with her many demons from the various sects of hell. She also carries a big heart at the helm of weighty alchemical powers. Come to the Rabbit Whole on January 10th or 11th and have an “eerie existential eccentric experience.“

I witnessed her perform just a month ago. Ms. Eyeball stirred a cauldron with fruits, phlehms, and songs that, when evaporated, thrust the crowd into a state of non-ordinary reality. She reverberated a melting gracefulness as she conducted her tribe of minions, one member being a human-sized eyeball with personality akin to a lapdog. She instructs her minions to feed you nutrients, a kind gesture. But, catch her eyes directly and you might freeze to ice, only to be shattered by her abrupt maniacal screeches, and then re-combobulated shortly thereafter by means of playful atmospheric sculpting.

She bounces around so lightly on her feet, it is as though she is a canary hopping between worlds, pulling feelings, sounds, and songs from places no humans have ever been, showing them to us, then communicating our reactions back to the source, somehow synchronizing our and other realms.

She is a doer of good. But, beware of her the power she wields within her fingertips; and, beware: death comes to anything touched by her lips.

Vivian Vandervoort recounted her experience with the Kiss of Death:

I think I'lll never be the same.
It was softer than I imagined.
A stagnant part of me died.

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