Luxury Space Lake Open for Family Fun

Tommy Potentuary,
TV Personality

Lord Muskrat recently finished installing a globular lake in the orbit of Earth’s moon. He hopes that the water blob will attract intergalactic tourists for space recreation activities such as space swimming and space volleyball.

“I’m already the moon king”, he said, ‘but what I really want to be is the guy who aliens pay when they vacation to the Milky Way”.

The moon resort boasts 5-star restaurants, floating space hotels, anti-gravity carnivals, and a multitude of crater-exploring activities. As of this week, it also offers drone transportation to and from the space lake, as well as a solar clothesline.

Narbulon, a doogloid from Planet Nebulonis, says he and his family visit the Moon Resort every Nebulonian month (2.3 Earth days). His kids love the new space lake. “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” one said. “Zero-gravity swimming is narbasmic. It’s, like, a big coagulation in the middle of a void. How awesome is that!”

“And, every time little Garbtarb over here gets stuck in the water blob, there’s no need to worry, because the rescue drones will carry you back to your moon yurt in no time to get some moon cheese and I Can’t Believe it's Not Water,” the parent explained.

Muskrat commented on the construction of the moon lake. “It was kinda awesome haha. We made a giant eye dropper sort of thing. And then we used a bunch of big cranes to point it into space. At just the right time, we squirted a continent-sized droplet of water into orbit. Cool, right? ”

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