Novelty Society Achieves Success

Theodore Munnely,

In Joshua Tree, sufficient novelty has been attained to attract the attention of a higher species.

We have their attention now. When people formed a large circle in the desert, frog-like higher beings floated down from space in hovering cages. Our people knew by instinct what to do in that moment. We presented the extraterrestrials with our juiciest insects for them to eat. We performed theatrics for them at the stairway to the sky.

It is of utmost importance that we maintain their attention, and the only way to do so is by following the novelty commandments.

1. Fight entropy. 2. Make symmetry. 3. Be sacred.

We are living in a moment of truth. If we are not accepted by whatever galactic federation is testing us right now, we may never have the chance again.

Please, show them our best. They are watching us. They are evaluating us. On the other side of this era could be either extra-dimensional bliss or flatland misery. Let’s do what we can.

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