Recommended Negative Vibe Quota

Could you be truly happy without first experiencing hardship? Methinks no, this is not so. We experience our best times through the lens of our worst, and our worst times in terms of our best. So I think it is important that, through times high and through times low, we remember what different flavors of vibes exist. That way we can contextualize the current vibe at any given time.

I’ve taken up a new lifestyle. It’s similar to stoicism or dopamine fasting, in the sense that it attempts to keep the brain and nervous system grounded and attuned with reality — in other words, not desensitized by sensory overload.Which makes you more capable of feeling things, noticing things, being surprised or inspired by things.

Instead of depriving myself of feeling, like a stoic or a dopamine faster, I ensure that I experience a sufficient amount of negative vibes for every good vibe I feel. Sort of like the food pyramid, or vitamins, but for vibes. There is a certain amount of each vibe type that you need to combine in order to live a healthy additive vibration.

This varies for everyone in the exact numbers, but I think most people are at least somewhat similar.

Here’s my recommended vibe pyramid:

Layer 1 - a small amount of ecstatic vibes, plus some scary vibes, Layer 2 - a portion of tough love vibes and giggle vibes Layer 3 - a chunk of progress vibes. Some straight up honest vibes Layer 4 - tons of chill vibes

In general, you should have some negative vibes for every joyous vibe you have. And you should always compliment a glutenous vibe with an adrenaline vibe, unless of course, you’re in the midst of a seriously low swinging bad health vibe swell.

This ain’t rocket science.

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